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I'm not sure what your question is? Or what you want help with?

If you are on a farm then I'm going to guess there's experience in dealing with minor wounds. What you are doing sounds reasonable for a dime sized scrape but a deep wound of course might need stitches and the kitten should see a Vet.

A six week old kitten does not need to be fed with an eye dropper. Did you mean six days? At six weeks they can eat soft canned food or wetted kibble. I started my kittens (born in my backyard) on KMR when they were four weeks old and they soon progressed from licking my finger to lapping it from a saucer. You should get kitten milk, not cow's milk. KMR means Kitten Milk Replacement, that's all I could find.

Unless it's weak from the wound or something else and then again it should be Vetted.

There are some good images at the link of kittens so you can tell their ages by comparing. That's your first need, I think. If they are six weeks old, well, it's not ideal but they can be weaned and eating on their own. Mine nursed till 8 weeks and one I had till 12 weeks. But six weeks is ok.
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