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Tarragon & Cilantro's New Year's Eve Party

Robyn & Michael, two vets in Toronto and their kitten Skittles, invited us to their place for a small New Years Eve get together - small to them is 40 to 45 people.

Tarragon was ecstatic to see Michael, after all they’ve been separated for 8 complete days, and decide he was going to be his co-host. So, while Michael & Tarragon were at the door to meet and greet, Robyn and I had Skittles & Cilantro, who were quite content to sit on our laps, and have everyone come to them to be adored & fussed over.:queen:

Tarragon was so excited all these people came just to see him to wish him a Happy New Year – he didn’t know what to do first, he was running from person-to-person, lap-to-lap, shoulder-to-shoulder and then he discovered the bar! (It’s sad to say, but my little Tarragon is turning into a lush…I’m starting him in a rehab program if this keeps up.) The bartender, not knowing any better, gave Tarragon a wine cork to play with. The next think we knew Tarragon had dropped it in a Martini that was on the bar and was “bobbing for apples” trying to get it back out. The owner of the drink took it out for him, but it was too late – Tarragon wanted the cat toy (olive) at the bottom of the Martini. When he wasn’t allowed, Tarragon picked up his wine cork and went on to the next unsuspecting person.

While Michael was trying to follow Tarragon to get the wine cork, Tarragon merrily went on his way dropping it in every drink that was available. This was a great new game for him and he soon figured out that if he was on someone’s shoulder he could use his paw to bring the drink closer to him, give the person his angelic look and drop the cork into his or her drink. Finally, Tarragon tired of this game, wrapped himself around Michael’s shoulder, dropped his wine cork in his pocket and went to sleep, snoring extremely loud. (OK, I think he may have been feeling the effects of the drinking and passed out!)

When midnight hit Tarragon was still sound asleep so missed out on all the party hats, noisemakers, horns, and balloons, but Cilantro & Skittles didn’t. Having been so good all evening seeing all the ribbons hanging from the balloons, paper with feathers flowing in and out of people’s mouths, and bouncing puffballs attached to people’s heads they couldn’t contain themselves – now was their turn!

People couldn’t believe that these two sweet docile kitties upon the sight of paper and ribbon turned into mad attack cats! They destroyed every noisemaker, hat, and balloon they could lay their paws on, squeaking at the top of their lungs while doing so! At last, they completed their mission and sat back down as if everything they had just done was a figment of our imagination.

I of course, just sat back, shook my head and said to the woman next to me…you’d think as vets they’d know how to control their pets better!

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