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cat tunnels

If anyone is looking for an inexpensive cat tunnel they have them at JYSK. I don't know how many places have this store but there is one in London and Peterborough for sure. I think you can order online to.

I found them last year, I had always wanted to get one for the cats but the places I found them were pricey and small. These are about 4ft long, make a crinkle sound, have two peek holes and can be attached to another one. They also have one now that looks like a pair of pants(in store only). They're priced at $12.99 but go on sale all the time for $9.99.

My cats love them and we now have two at home and one at work. I do recommend you cut the ties off or hiding them under the flap if your not linking them together as I noticed my little buggers tried to chew them off.

Wasn't sure if a link to it was ok so if not please remove.

They're listed under home decor and then under housewares.

I'm really happy with them and they've held up well as the cats like to attack each other through them or us, it's pretty funny. Well it's more like pounce or grab you.
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