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I know this is an OLD thread, but I did want to throw something in the ring.
lperms - I list my litters on and have met the most wonderful people on that site. I too have had waiting lists, up to 2 years because I breed every two years - this thing about "only have up to 2 litters a year, or they are in it for the money" well, guess what breeders are selling their pups for a reason - not giving them away! Most REPUTABLE BREEDERS are absolutely a business enterprise and don't let anyone tell you anything different!! There is a lot of money in the dog show world, just like the horse world and Cattle world, and anyone who is reproducing is doing it to get paid - not to spread the joy for free.
People who look down their noses at where people advertise their litters for heaven's sake really need to move on in life. Yes, in a perfect world there would be long long lists of prequalified people who are suspended in animation until your dog has her pups and the dog has everything that everyone on the list wanted (ie. sex and colour), but sometimes life does happen out there, and sometimes the dogs don't have the pup that they wanted and sometimes people put their names and small deposits on more than one list. That happens alot!! So, you do need to fill in the blanks, and local papers or an online ad is not a great big huge sin against animals. Like I said, I have gotten the best people off my listings and I wouldn't trade one of them!!! You have to be careful screening anyone who responds, no matter where you found them. Breeders have to be just as careful of the new families as the family has to be of the breeder, and natural instinct does tell a breeder if they are who they say they are, and you have to put the pups with the right family for his or her personality. And sometimes that means saying no to a lot of inquiries and keeping the pup until the perfect person comes along. That's a reputable breeder trait too.
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