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OMG! I have been away from here for a few days and I come back and OMG! I am soooo happy! This is just awesome! can you tell I am excited about it?

I had an experience on a bridal website, where brides posted their stuff for sale, thus recycling the wedding stuff (and recouping some pennies here and there) the idea was that you would be able to add a pic or two, but if more details were necessary - the interested person would take it up with the person giving the item. That can be first done via PMs, then taken to a more personal level of emails or phone calls etc...whatever the people involved are comfortable with.

I think should put a clear disclaimer, that it carries no responsibility and "use at your won risk" type of message. All we really need is a place to post, which is provided, they do not need to be involved or held accountable.
After all, this is not Ebay!

Also, regarding sold or pending items, the poster of the message should be responsible to indicate to members if an adoption of their item is pending or went through, then the admins could just delete completed transactions, or archive them or whatever...So the message title would read for example:
"OFFER: A leash - PENDING" then, after the transaction completed "OFFER: A leash - ADOPTED!"

I am sooooooooo glad this is working out!!!!!
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