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So " I Have to Many " states when they got their dog they did not intend to breed her. I"m guessing it was a pure breed dog from a breeder,, where was the contract she had to sign when she got her dog? Why was her dog not spayed before 6 months. She makes sure people sign a contract for her puppies. I don't get it.. How does a breeder get started when the breeders insist that they are the only ones producing this breed. I disagree with puppy mills, but you are going to have a hard time convincing me of all these,, purest idea's that they breed only to make the breed better. Good money to be made at it. Helps cover the cost of their hobby ,, ( showing or helping to pay the coverage of the cost of their pets.) Heck, I have a mutt,, she's wonderful,, and I"m not paying 500 for a papers for a dog that I've promised not to breed( although I do that anyways).. So why am I paying so much for a pet I want to have,, JUST for a family pet? They really worried about how much love it's getting or protecting their business?
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