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You guys have been so incredibly sweet and comforting! Thank you so much! Helix was seen by the vet, she felt the area and decided to offer bloodwork, including to look for pancreatitis, as well as imaging (radiographs). His blood work came back normal and so did his radiographs. She said she can feel the area but itís not a distinct mass to biopsy. So for now, Iím just keeping an eye on it.

I have been giving him new treats lately. So I am stopping those. It may be completely unrelated but stopping them wonít hurt anything either. My vet told me to take a video of him if he refuses to walk again. Thankfully, he has not.

Cindy, thank you so much for providing some comfort. I hope and pray it is just fat. Iím sorry your pup needed to have a spot removed. Though Iím sure itís a relief knowing it wasnít cancerous. Iím glad she recovered well and I hope she continues to thrive!
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