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Salut PapaFlush and welcome to the forum !

I'm relieved to hear that your allergy is subsiding.....and, good thing for Buddha's sake too !

WOW! What a handsome cat ! And, he looks so at home there, confident and relaxed. How fortunate for him that you came along! (very lucky for you too)

Making your own raw foods for him will probably be a lengthy learning process, and will require some financial investment as well as the time to research what you'll need to know. Reg provided Dr. Pierson's website, an excellent starting point for you. It confirms what you, yourself, spoke about in your post - that cats have evolved as meat-eaters - and if we try to steer them away from their natural diet, there are real negative consequences.

You might consider a gradual transition. Reduce and eventually ditch the dry foods, moving to canned, then adding lightly-cooked meats to the canned (with extra Taurine), then to home made (cooked) meals, and eventually to raw. (and there's careful alternating in between, too) Be absolutely sure you get informed advice about the supplements that must be added - I mentioned one, Taurine, a must-have for cats, without which blindness and severe heart disease begin to develop very quickly.

I looked at Bailey Blu's, they're expensive! Global Petfoods and PetValu are going to reduce your costs considerably. (I looked for 12oz cans of Wellness Pate....BB's price is $5.29 - I think I pay about a dollar less at PetValu. (I add shredded cooked chicken to that.) If you travel over the US border, it might be ~$3.00 (!).

Snoop around on the catinfo site - see the articles listed on the right side - the one on vaccines is especially informative. (she's not anti-vax, she IS anti-over-vaccinating).

OK - hope (at least) some of that helps !
the more i learn about (some) people, the more i luv my cats
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