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what to do ?

Hello all!

many doctors told me you are allergic to cats but my love to cats is bigger!
it happened I rescued a cat, I dealt with my allergies/asthma for weeks now my body is changing, adapting to my new cat ! BUDDHA!

my Buddha is very calm Iv been feeding him raw food from baileyblue (montreal) they sell really good healthy raw foods, made by a cook in store, for cats and my cat love it !!

many say dry food is better, others wet is better but online Iv read both can be good and bad so I listend to mother nature and decided to give my cat raw food cause this is what they eat, they are carnivors just like lions and tigers.

the problem is this raw food cost alone 4$ for one container ( my cat eat one per day ) and he is really happy ! I can see how much he enjoys his raw food from baileyBlue

the only problem is I am a student ( part time job ) I absolutely cannot afford 4$ a day for my cat. so I decided this for my cat:

2 days a week raw food he loves
but the rest of the week he will eat good quality ( carefully chosen ) dry food
I will wait at least 12 hours before switching from raw to dry food, he doesn't like his dry food but I cannot afford raw everyday

so what should I do ? every person tells me a different opinion that is why I decided to ask for help in forums!
some choose wet some dry some mixes them both all cat owners have their own diet for cat!
what advices can you give ? I would love to give him raw food everyday cause that is the healthiest specially for birman cats!

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