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wow 5 grand already?? Mine had cherry eye when I got him at 8 mo, he had it since he was about 4mo old. I consulted with a few vets including an eye specialist (canine optomologist? sp?) at Forest Hill Animal Clinic in Toronto.

Yes, the recommended method is always a tuck not a full removal. Your vet is wrong however when he says no one in Canada does this, completely wrong. With a full removal you run the risk of dry eye, a risk. Some dogs manage just fine, others need eye drops for the rest of their life. There are further possibly complications related to dry eye which at worst can cause the loss of the eye but that is not the one and only certain outcome. There are plenty of dogs who have the gland removed and live normal happy lives. So your vet is being a little dramatic.

As I said a tuck, even multiple ones are always preferred, but ultimately if it is not holding most vets will end up removing the gland. Subjecting the dog to constant surgeries for what is really mostly a cosmetic issue is just wrong. Some old school vets will remove the gland right away and not even bother with a tuck and I do find a lot of people in the Corso community with the same attitude.

Back to my dog. He had the tuck, and 2 days after surgery we could already see the tissue coming apart and the gland re-emerging. The surgery cost me about $700 in Toronto at Banks Animal Hospital. When we noticed the surgery didn't work, the vet immediately did another surgery at no additional cost. This time he did a tuck with additional stitches to hold the gland in place (plus he used different stitches then the first time). This has held perfectly since and we have not had any issues in over 3 years.

I don't know if he is still there, but one of the vets I spoke to who would have just done a removal right away was an old gentleman at the Dixie Eglinton Animal Clinic in Mississauga. I had my boy neutered there as they were a fraction of the cost of all the other vets I called.
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