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I purchased some boots! Hot Paws were the only ones I found at our store in the right size (I brought my dog in; tried them on; asked the clerk).

I tried them out on our morning walk and my poor girl HATES them! She stopped a few times and tried to rip them off with her teeth. (Not pleasant when I have another dog in the other hand raring to go and it's -28C with windchill out)! She aslo had trouble with slipping - I think she's used to using her claws and the boots made it extra slippy for her.

I thought she'd be walking funny, but she really doesn't like them, is that normal? (She's a short-haired, sensitive hound with long, skinny legs). Will she acclimatize? I'm wondering how long I (and she) should tough this out before giving up?

(On the other hand --- she never looked in pain 'cause of the cold, or stopped to lift/lick her paws)
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