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Help! I'm so overwhelmed with kitty food info!!
My kitty was recently diagnosed with early stages ckf as well. He is 12 years old... the vet gave me Purina NF Kidney Function(dry) and Medi-Cal Renal LP( wet) - my kitty has always had the option of both. I understand they are low phosphorus and low protein but I can't help but question the ingredients....soo much corn,starch,flour,rice,soybean,etc....what I always thought was NOT good to feed our carnivore friends. I don't know..the more I read, the more links I click into, the more confused I get.
I love my kitty so much...I just want the very best for him.
This new NA information ( and mathematical calculations) has confused me even more. Can someone explain to me what all these percentages mean? and which we should be looking at? I've run into a lot of positive reviews about "Wellness" but isn't that too high a protein content for a crf kitty? <sigh>
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks kitty lovers!
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