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Pups and ADKKAYA,
That is very interesting. My 4 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Kiba) has been on Atopica for at least six months now. It's incredibly expensive, but we save a bit buying it from universalpetmeds. I, too, have noticed Kiba itching and chewing sometimes after taking the med. Now I wonder if that's just another side effect!

We've had Kiba allergy tested (blood tests) and it would be easier to tell you what he's NOT allergic to, than what he is! He's allergic to cedar and juniper trees (we live in the middle of a cedar forest!), many grasses, plants, spore and yeasts. He's allergic to US! Yes, my dear little dog is allergic to human skin epithelials. He's allergic to chicken, potatoes, and carrots. NOT wheat! Go figure. He's allergic to fleas. And many, many other things. Anyway, there's isn't much we can do except keep his environment as clean as we can, and we no longer give him chicken. He's a raw fed dog (which really helped when we started!) and I think that makes a difference.

I'm hoping we will be able to reduce his dosage to one capsule every other day, but I've tried that once, and his symptoms came right back. My husband is less than thrilled that we may be looking at thousands and thousands of dollars in medication for the rest of his life. I try to look at as if he had diabetes. We would pay for his insulin treatment, right? So, why not this?

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