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Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
14+, you and your husband did so much already...I'm glad you are getting a lot of loving from the gang...who knows I may have to make my way your way this summer, just to give you a personal thank-you
I would love to know how they spend their first night under the stars, so to speak. They've been indoor since I got them and have never slept outside...
That would be wonderful!! I made two separate houses for these guys. You will see them when I post the pics later on. One is for eating/sleeping. One has their litter boxes. They have holes so they can go back and forth. I have tons of blankets in for the kitties to curl up in/on and I put the cover on the openings just like I do for the rest of the kitties. They sure seemed to be having fun looking around the times I checked on them. Hopefully they will settle soon. I don't see much movement over there now.

Originally Posted by Winston View Post
What an awesome adventure! Glad everyone is safe and sound! They look so freakin cute! Momma is so pretty!

Cpietra16 I wondered that too! it has to be an adjustment! Lots to smell and see! I am sure they will all snuggle up to sleep ang keep warm on the cool nights..

All I can say is you all are awesome!!! Sorry I couldnt help out on the this journey!
Next time Winston. LOL No!! I can't do a next time till these ones are adopted! My house overfloweth with love.
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