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Predisone with Atopica causes Cancer????

I have a male Husky mix who just turned 10 years old. In January he started experiencing issue with his balance that eventually became so bad that he had trouble standing. It was like the humam version of Vertigo.

When I took him to the vet, the told me they had to do an MRI because they think he has encephalitis. Of course, after $2700 the MRI came back inconclusive. My vet prescribed Predisone. His condition improved immediately so after 4 weeks my vet wanted to start weening him off the Predisone due to long term effects and introduced Atopica. Well, within the first week on Atopica, his condition started to deteriate again. So back to full strength Predisone. I wanted to stop the Atopica but my vet said it would be best for him to continue treatment.

We had a follow-up appointment last Friday and now, in addition to Predisone and Atopica, I have been giving my dog shots of Cytosar - Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy!!! In reading some of these posts and hearing that Predisone along with Atopica can cause cancer, needless to say I am confused, and angry.

I, too, don't know if Atopica or Predisone causes cancer but I have been researching each of these meds and I haven't found anything about Atopica Cyclosporine that has been positive.

I don't know what to do at this point other than see another vet. The problem with that is, my vet is part of the best animal hospital for infectous disease in the NJ/NY area.
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