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Last chance?

So as with many of you, I have been having countless problems with finding a vet that that can actually tell me what is wrong with my dog. He's a 4 year old pittbull who's life has been all over the place.

His problem seems to be his head, as he has a beautiful coat, keeps weight on, it fluctuates slightyly but for the most part is good. But his ears are always bothering him, his eyes always weepy and swollen looking, and he has a bald spot on top of his head.

So we have had biopsies and blood tests done and it's always been the same, prednisone and antibiotics; we haven't been able to get an answer from anyone of the 6 or 8 vets we've had him to in the past 2 years (he was a rescue) So now we have a vet that has suggested Atopica, and I've been trying to figure out if this would be right for him?

With the amount of problems people are seeing with this drug is it out-weighing the health problems your pets have been going through? Is it worth the money and the sickness your pets seem to be going through? Or should we stick it out on the steroids which do work really well, but we wean him off for at least one month before the next round of them as they are hard on his system. So by the time the next round comes up he is feeling ill again...

Any advice would be great! I am going to talk to the vet about Atopica more today, but am still not sure if the pro's outway the con's? Thanks for any insight or hope.
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