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Atopica save my ****zu's life. He was very healthy for a couple of years, and suddenly he started breaking out in large sores all over his body. His skin appeared it was rotting away and lost all his hair. His weight dropped to 4 kg when he was normally about 8kg. He was constantly bloody and pussy and had to change his sheets daily because they were so soiled.

My heart broke for my little puppy, and we hopped from vet to vet for about 18 months, and all we got was antibiotics from everyone, and he only seemed to get worse and worse. We finally found a vet that took him off the antibiotics and tried all sorts of things. The final medication we tried was Atopica. The vet even told me that this was his last chance, and if this did not work we would have to put him down...

So we started him on Atopica.....Wk 1 nothing...Wk 2 nothing...Wk 3 nothing (starting to panic)...Wk4 the open sores are starting to dry up!!!...Wk 5 he is no longer so hot and radiant of heat...Wk 6 the open sores have turned into large dried scabs...wk 7 his skin was not hot pink anymore...wk 8 the scabs are starting to come away with healed skin underneath...

6 months on, after nearly 2 years of sickness, Hershey my ****zu is a beakon of health. Happy, energetic, his hair has completly grown back thick and healthy, he is back up to 8kg and you would never know he was the same dog.

I prayed for so long that somthing would fix my dog, and it came to me... Please try atopica!
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