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Horrible dog breath - Answered by Dr. Van Lienden

Our 7 year old Shiba Inu/GSD rescue, Raven, came to us five months ago with rotten teeth and breath that smelled like a dead corpse, I kid you not. We had her teeth cleaned soon after and they had to remove 8 decayed teeth. Poor baby.

Her breath smelled great for a couple of days after her cleaning and tooth removal but slowly became stinky again. Not dead corpse stinky but very fishy. Over the past few months the fishy odour has intensified quite a bit and is beginning to smell a bit rotten again despite the fact that her teeth are clean as can be and she is in good health (she recently had a checkup and bloodwork done).

I'm just wondering if anyone knows what else could be causing her breath to smell so bad even with clean teeth? I've had people tell me it may be her diet (she eats Holistic Blend Lamb and Rice and it was suggested that lamb can make breath stinky) or poor digestion. She does have a sensitive tummy (she can't eat fatty bones/scraps/treats without vomiting or getting an upset stomach so we avoid giving them to her) but she rarely experiences gas so I'm not convinced she has digestion issues on a regular basis.
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