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Thanks so much for the quick and informative reply!

Armed with the new information, and after much searching, I found that would ship the Organix canned catfood to me (it's sooo hard to get stuff like catfood shipped to an APO...) I also ordered some dry Now! that I will carry back after a Stateside trip.

Right now, I have switched my kitty to Hill's Mature Adult Active Longevity dry and canned food (I'm shocked they sell it on base!) but the ingredients are garbage, and I can't wait to get her back on something more healthy.

Now I just have to learn the fine balance between good, low phosphorous catfood and maintaining her weight. She has struggled with being overweight most of her life, (or is it *I* have struggled with it? She's perfectly happy trying to eat whatever she can and staying fat!)

Thanks again! I'll post some pics of the Gollum over in the Pet Photos.
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