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Thank you for the advice. The meowing hasn't in creased he has always been this noisy. At his last vet visit a couple of months ago I brought it up and the vet said that he was perfectly healthy. If it increases or if I notice anything else unusual I will deffinately take him to the vet. I haven't noticed anything unusual in his or Noel's litter box and usually he uses the litter box perfectly fine. Even when he was a kitten he never had any accidents. I'm wondering if he could be mad about something or marking his territory? Thank you for the links on Scratching. As for the meowing I think it has to do with what those links said about responding to the noise. When he meows I tend to ask him what's wrong and in the middle of the night I say his name firmly in a raised voice but not yelling. I think those responses are the problem. I will stop doing that. Thank you for the advice. Anymore advice is welcome. I will keep you all posted.
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