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Unhappy Frustrated

WARNING: This post is going to be very long

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself and my animals.
I am a single mom. I have a 3 year old son named Xavier. I also have 3 pets. Two cats and a bunny. Here are their descriptions.

Khailan: Khailan is a 1 year old black cat who is part siamese. He is nuetered, up to date on all his shots, dewormed, and has no flees. I have had Khaillan since he was 7 weeks old and I first met him when he was only a couple days old.

Noel: Noel is also a year old. She's a black domestic short haired cat. She is spayed, up to date on her shots, dewormed, and also has no flees. I adopted her about six months ago. Noel had been a stray who was brought into the shelter and then adopted out to a woman who decided she couldn't keep her at which point she posted an ad on kijiji and I responded.

Lynden: Lynden is a 5 month old Holland Lop bunny. I also found him on kijiji and adopted him 3 months ago. He has not yet been nuetered but will be soon.

I cam on here today to rant a bit about Khailan. I love my animals. I make sure that they are healthy and fed and have fresh water and that they all get snuggled and played with everyday. Khailan however is starting to drive me nuts. He and Noel are both litter trained and have both never had a problem with accidents but the other day Khailan peed in my son's stroller and I had to throw it out. He is also scratching my furniture really bad even though I bought him a scratching post. He is also still meowing all the time. He is a VERY vocal cat. He is always talking and singing which is fine with me during the day. However he does it at night too to try and wake us up.

He will sit in my bedroom doorway and meow and meow at the top of his lungs for hours. if that doesn't work he goes into my son's room, jumps on him and starts meowing at him at the top of his lungs. This is becoming a real problem because it's causing us to not get enough sleep and then my son is cranky all the time. Khailan has always been like this. Some people told me that if I got him neutered it would stop but it didn't. I also heard someone say that if I get him a friend it would stop so I adopted Noel.

Noel is quiet and mellow and Khailan is hyper and noisy. I was hoping she might calm him down some.

I really love my cats and I especially love Khailan I just don't know what to do about these problems. Thank you for listening to my rant. Any advice would be really helpful. I can't keep running on 3 hours of sleep.
<3 Khai lan, Noel, Lynden, and Xavier's mommy <3
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