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Originally Posted by want4rain View Post
HRP, lemme do some asking around. i know a few people proficient in Vista. might be able to come up with some answers....

if i dont get back to you in a few days... my breast pump ate me.

Okay, so now I've out-and-out laughed tonight! This is an improvement! w4r, and give Alex a big kiss on the nose for me.

Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
I'm the first to admit--I hate change

I'm sure that once you speak with people that have had experience using Vista and get a better insight on the operating system--you'll move right along

It's just a learning curve Hazel--think positive Attachment 50376

If you are who I think you are--you're gonna set yourself on a mission to conquer your Vista Fiasco Attachment 50373
Oy, you mean the panic was that apparent?

I hate change, too...but when I changed to XP it wasn't nearly as traumatic as the change to Vista. Still, I'm already making plans to get around the obstacles...and some of the dark despair and black clouds are rolling away.

It's not a learning curve, though--it was more like being in the lane when the semi sped through...a flattening experience.

But you're right--in a month or two, I won't remember what all I've I'll feel better about it. See? Senility has it's up side!

Thanks for the pep talk.
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