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Originally Posted by tonkamcd View Post
1) Junior Handlers can show a spayed/neutered dog for conformation.
Yes.Because it's the junior handlers being judged,not the dogs.

This is just teaching them what the conformation shows are all about.It's practice for them.

There are a few comments I'd like to make in regards to something mentioned in that link.But that's going off topic..I stopped being a thread jacker quite some time ago.........

canuckgirl,personally I wouldn't wait till 8-10 months.Cats can go into heat at 4 months.

Pediatric s/n are so much easier on the kittens.They heal much quicker.And I have seen that with my guys.My two that were done at 8 weeks were bouncing around in no time.With my male Casper,they actually used a glue and not stitches.That was different.Winnie had about 3-4 stitches.All my cats are happy and healthy.
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