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Here is the link for the information that I was mentioning,

In so far as the statement

You cannot show your dog for conformation if it has been s/n. You can under two circumstances

1) Junior Handlers can show a spayed/neutered dog for conformation

2) Specialty shows you are allowed to show s/n dogs

As for the whole working dog brain developement thing, although my choice of words (brain development retardation) was perhaps a poor choice of words, and did not accurately describe what I was trying to say, neither did I say that it would be impossible to train a dog for working "stuff" schutz, tracking, herding etc. The proper choice of words, would probably have been more along the lines of cognitivie function may be decreased etc. I was working without having the article directly on hand, so it was all having to come out of my memory ; ) which isn't perfect suffice to say lol
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