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A pediatric s/n has always been a contravercy.But I have done some research on it for some time.And remember cats and dogs can come into heat at 4 months.

Here is some reading.Pediatric s/n has been going on for quite a LONG time.

Both my cats were adopted at 8 weeks.They are 3 1/2 and 4.And they were both done at 8 weeks.There is no difference between them and my other that was done at 6 months who is 6 now.My vet has been doing it for quite some time.

Originally Posted by tonkamcd
was an article in regards to early spay/neuters on puppies that suggested that those who show their dogs, not due an early spay neuter as the development of particularly male dogs,
I see the writer of this article has no idea about conformation.In conformation your dog can't be s/n.

Originally Posted by tonkamcd
There was a study done that showed a thinner head structure compared to dogs neutered at a later age, and just an overall slimmer build to the body, as well as some brain development retardation (nothing major, but they also suggested not doing early spay/neuters for dogs involved in things like tracking, search/rescue etc.)

This is so not true.

I have 3 co-workers who have GSD's.All 3 were done at 12 weeks.2 are now SchH III titled,the other SchH II...Tracking is involved in this sport.You can sit these dogs with any other that was done later(like mine) and you would never tell the difference.I will have to try and get some pics.
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