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I believe that breed does make a difference, I have read in more then one book that it is not unusual for certain breeds of cats (specifically the books i was reading were persian, ragdoll and Himi books) to not go into heat, until sometimes up to 2 years of age, I recall one professional breeders website (she showed and bred, i think it was persians) where she even had a clause in the agreement if a cat was purchased with the intent to breed, that the new owners could not say the cat was unbreedable (not sure if thats a word or not lol) until the cat was 3 years of age, and still had not reproduced. As to whether you should wait that long to neuter/spay, that is a different story, on another forum there was an article in regards to early spay/neuters on puppies that suggested that those who show their dogs, not due an early spay neuter as the development of particularly male dogs, would not be the same, therefor the dog might not have the appropriate conformation for the breed. There was a study done that showed a thinner head structure compared to dogs neutered at a later age, and just an overall slimmer build to the body, as well as some brain development retardation (nothing major, but they also suggested not doing early spay/neuters for dogs involved in things like tracking, search/rescue etc.) I would suspect that the same could hold true with cats as well, although i haven't read any studies in regards to that.
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