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Shampoo for cats

I want to give Nino a bath! He's got very dry skin and oily at the same time. From what I've read being oily is a Maine Coon thing, guess makes them water repellant. I checked out some tips on a Maine Coon site but it involves using degreasing stuff etc. That's mainly for cats being shown and I don't really want to have to put him through all that! I had the vet take a skin scraping to check to make sure there's no cooties or infection and she checked and there's no creepy crawlies or sign of infection, which is good. I got him clipped last summer and he didn't seem to be as itchy but it's chilly now.

I just don't know what shampoo to get for him, there's so many types out there! The bathing part doesn't bother me, drying him might be a challenge cause he's got so much fur but I have lots of towels and the one site suggested putting them in the dryer to warm them up before drying which I thought was a nice touch. I wonder if those oatmeal shampoos really work for the itchies. Any suggestions as to brand or formula?
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