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Originally Posted by crazycat View Post
P.S. Does anyone know if the cat is allergic to fish, can you still give fish oil? Also, if it's allergic to chicken, can you still have chicken fat in the food? I found a venison diet (Addiction Viva la Venison) that has chicken fat in it. Their claim is that the fat doesn't have the protein in it that causes the allergy. The dermatologist says NO to fish oil or chicken fat.
Theoretically, it's the protein that causes the allergies, but I agree with the dermatologist in this case that it would be better to stear clear of anything related to the suspected allergen, since you're having so much trouble trying to track down the source. It wouldn't be unheard of for the fat to be contaminated with traces of protein.

It would be a good idea to eliminate all kibble from your cat's diet. No prescription food (especially no prescription food - the ingredients are horrific!), no grain-free kibble, no novel protein kibble. They're not a good choice for any cat, but especially a cat suffering from allergies. The highly processed nature of kibble is more readily treated as a foreign invader by an out-of-whack immune system.

As for that Addiction Viva la Venison, don't believe the hype. I'd like to know, if they're claiming the chicken fat isn't an allergy issue for cats with chicken allergies, how do they then explain the dried egg? Duh.
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