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Is that true? It wouldn't surprise me if it was, and unlike the tennis player who started grunting with every whack of the ball and started a trend, we'll never know who thought it was a great idea to scream when some group was singing. That certainly caught on. (sigh)
That last photo makes me laugh every time I look at it, Hazel. He'll not ever be the show dog that Perkins was but he is a fun dog to own, more entertaining and a touchy feely dog. Perkins didn't really like being touched that much, where Roo asks for it and thinks he should pay it back. LOL.
You do indeed see a chewed up Cuz foot, DD, and I think that one has lost its squeak too, but he loves it.Haven't the girls realised the screaming attracts Nikki? Personally I'd avoid exciting him.
Glad you are a Roo fan, Barkingdog. I really like his (and Jarrah's) lovely dark brown eyes, it gives them a nice expression. Light eyes in this breed can look like hawk eyes and you can't tell whether to trust the dog, while black eyes, well, had to laugh at a friend who said they have as much expression as a dead cat.
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