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Originally Posted by 2sheltiesmom View Post
Indeed a terrible situation for the animals. While I do agree that there is too little being done by those in authority, which in each province is a branch of the provincial govt. (Ministry of...) it is not the the SPCA's responsibility to hold other "rescue groups" accountable and given their recent headline making actions this is a good thing. IMO the "No Kill Shelters/Rescues" which I support provide a much more humane approach to ensure safe, forever, re-homing.
I hope you don't think that the BCSPCA (head office)and other SPCA'S in the area (branches and afflicates in the area of BC) are government funding...cause this is how I am reading your post. The SPCA'S are a non-profit organizations...only CITY run shelters are government runned....which CITY runned shelters do not have officers that invesitigate animal cruelty cases. The SPCA has trained Animal Cruelty Investigators that deal with animal cruelty issues.

And Animal Cruelty Investigators are doing their best. Alot has to do with the fact, that no one reports animal cruelty issues because they don't want to get involved.

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