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I'm with Hazel on the "Hang On There Pardner, I've Seen The Forest and I Know a Tree When I See One" diagnosis.

Dyplasia is actually not easy to diagnose. You can't do it by sight or by feel (though I did know a Vet who was a thousand years and could do just that along with many other apparent "miracles"). It is, however, frequently diagnosed or should I say mis-diagnosed. It's something I've come to know quite a little bit about. My grrrl Ceili (who is likely bigger than your female GSD) was diagnosed with dyplasia when she was four (or five?) and she's still going strong at nine. Not without problems mind you.

What tests: x-rays, ultrasounds etc have been done? The "shots" you may have heard about are steroids. There are also Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory prescribed drugs (NSAIDS) like Metacam which can help.

Glucosamine/ MSM/ Chondroitin supplements is another approach which may help. And there are others which have positive clinical finding. If you do a "search" on this site, you will find that I along with others have posted a whole whack of articles and postson the subject.
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