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He did have a heat source at all times so I don't think that was it.

It could've been the cows milk but I fed it to my other rescue mouse (didn't know it was bad but will remember that in the future) and she was fine on it for almost a week until I bought "proper" food.

It was just so strange that I did everything the same as with the last baby (and this one was a week older) and he seemed perfect but was dead 3 hours later. It makes me think he had something else wrong with him.

I thought to myself as I was falling asleep, "Should I check on him every hour?" but since he'd been fine the night before and fine for the 4 hours previous, I thought he'd be okay. I know I shouldn't feel guilty but seeing him die in my hand is something I wish I never had to see. Poor thing. At least he died somewhere he liked and not on the top of the mulch pile where we found him, I guess.

Thanks for letting me rant and your suggestions, keep them coming.
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