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oh i am so over australian big brother, they are so boring, this is the forth bb in australia and they are just a bunch of wet blankets, no fights, no fisty cuffs no controversy, soooo boring (my friend was the executive producer of the first three and recently told them to shove it so this may be a mjr reason im not watching).
but i forgot to mention I LOVE OPRAH oh yes she is sooo beautiful and clever and really covers important issues to the world and lives of woman. and i think she played a beautiful role in the color purple, one of my favs. also have a weakness for jerry springer, i just love to watch the freaks, amazes me that they would do it, he is coming to oz soon but i cannot afford the $300 tickets, i was thinking i could make up a story to get on the show, but no one will go along with my plans
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