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oh oh oh, i love frasier, it is one of the funniest, satirical and witty shows i have seen. oho and i love the dog, freddy, my husband swears i only watch it for the dog bits, no its not true just adds to the shows charm. you guys get all the good stuff, now i feel neglected by my tv.
good discussion, i was not sure how the usa and canadians got on, my information only comes from cartoons such as simpsons and south park (do you canadians watch south park, and if so have you seen the 'blame canada' song), very funny for someone with no idea about the place, so i love lots of your shows.
and let me say now, us australians we are a brilliant bunch of good looking cheeky larikins, (did i mention good looking) we will do a half assed job and we will do a lick and promise job on the other days and yes i think we are oh sooo bloody LAZY (even our dogs are lazy) and we have a disorder called tall poppy syndrome, we take any high achiever (tall poppy) and cut that bugger down for being better than us, such an australian failing. (but we are not dim witted, how could we have such great humor if we were dim witted, but maybe....)
here all the great scientists and other academics go overseas for jobs as the australian government do not seem to respect the academic and scientific fields, oh and we dont pay doctors properly so have to outsource them too. it seems if you play sport here, you are worth a million $$$ but if you dont, well bugger off and go to america or euroupe to be a scientist. sadly this has lead to a decrease in new technology and scientific research and all our brains are leaving the country with our technology being claimed by other countries.
and laura i dont think you are a druggo and woody we would never consider you a jerk and im sorry that happened, now lets all make up and be friends funny i have always been told that people from USA can be touchy about nationality and identity so now i know, well at least i am learning about international culture am i not??
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