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Laura? Ever heard of someone making general editorial comentary about an issue? Woody is from Michegan I believe just for your information. A little sensative about your country and outside perceptions maybe? Yow. You call him very harshly about making general assumptions about Americans, then you make the general assumption first that he is a Canuck and then the general assumption that ALL us Canucks think ALL you American's are dumb witted. Do you know ALL Canadians too? You call him a "JERK" for something you blindly do yourself. I don't think all Americans are dumb witted either, but if someones making general comentary I don't expect them to poll each and every one of the three hundred million out there either. You take statements like the one he was obviously making for what they are intended. General editorial commentary and opinion.

He wasn't calling himself dumb witted either, nor you. Again my friend, general editorial commentary. Did you hear your name specifically mentioned?

Do yourself a favour, don't open the editorial page of the paper. You'll likely feel like you're being personally attacked or something.

Wow, think before you type and take a valium or something to cool the nerves down a bit. And while you're at it, try not to be so reactive.
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