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Thank you, as most of the newest members don't know me, IF that dog were to be slated for death, I would move heaven and earth to get it here to Shayker's Haven. And if not here to another rescue. I have helped move endangered dogs out of this f&*^ province, spent thousands of dollars on vet bills and never had to burden you all with my sad stories. You only get to hear the happy stories, I will not burden you with the story of a male shih tzu that was used repeatedly as a sex toy. I will not tell you how much money we spent to have his rectum rebuilt. I will not burden you with when this poor soul sees a man he freaks. Literally poops and pukes at the same time. He now lives with 2 women and has a women vet. If I sound cranky I frigging am. All life is precious, I would never put a dog down if I could help it.
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