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I went to the ALL CREATURES ANIMAL HOSPITAL in Murrieta, California. I would like to tell people my experience there. I paid 600$ to leave my puppy there for two days. I already told them I could hardly afford that but They told me that they would be able to give me an oppinion as the the health of my Parvo puppy (whether it could be treated at home or if I should put it down or it needed more hospitalization.

When I visited her, she was shivering! They didnít put a heat lamp on her till the next day AND they had the air blasting!

After two days, when I came back to speak to the doctor, they were too busy to see me. At that point my 48 hours had almost expired. They told me to come back to speak to him later in the afternoon. When I came back to speak to him, he reccommended further hospitalization, however, I wasnít sure if I should keep her there or put her down (she was very sick and was in a lot of pain). While I was thinking, I was watching her. She began to scream and vomit and the doctor told me I should put her down. I said it was okay and I was upset about it. That was my new baby! Then I went to pay the bill.200$ to put her down! THen they charged me a 100$ for antibiotics they gave her that day! They did this without my authorizatioin and consent. They didnít even call me about it and then they charged me. That was yesterday, I went back today to get my 100$ back becasue I didnít authorize their actions. She told me that I was there when he did it, which I was there, but I had not made any decisions about her future. In addition, because I was there, that was even more reason to at least TELL me that they were doing that. The nurse gave me a bunch of attitude and only refunded me 75$. I asked her why, and she said one of the injections was for the euthanasia. But they had listed those shots seperately! She lied straight to my face! At that point, I just left, took my loses and I will have nothing to do with that hospital ever again.

In addition to that, during one of my talks with the doctor, he said, ďThe dog is my patient and I want the best for her. You come from a clean family, you are clean, your father loves you, you love your dog. If you were Mexican, I would have told you to leave. I would have sent you home yesterday with the puppy.Ē

Imagine how he treats his unsuspecting Mexican owners!

I will never do business with that hospital again. BEWARE of vets that take advantage of people with sick animals.
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