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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
I'd be very careful and choose the product after much consideration. I've heard mixed reviews on how safe it is. Evidently some dogs can be allergic to cedar oil, and some can apparently be overwhelmed with the scent. So choose carefully and discontinue if Marty seems to develop any weird symptoms (like itchy or swollen eyes or face).

I'm not sure how effective it is for ticks, though. I've not tried cedar oil, but other essential oil treatments I've tested have been pretty ineffective.

I know a lot of dog owners in the south are using the Seresto collars for ticks now, since Frontline has become less effective down there. They seem to be having good luck with them. Is that something you've tried with Marty?
Thanks hazel , I brought some cedar oil for Marty but now I have second thoughts about using it on him. He is a very sensitive little dog , I haven't heard of Seresto collars , I did buy a 'natural' one from a natural grocery store . Marty hated it, he was hiding within half a hour and I got a horrible headache . It had pennyroyal oil in the collar and online it said it wasn't safe for dogs and it can cause headaches . People seem to think b/c something is natural that it's safe to use and this not true . I will try to return the cedar oil
bc I have some weird kind infection in my sinuses right now and it making my face all swollen ! I don't want to find out if the cedar will made my dog face swollen and made my face so big I won't be able to get through a doorway !
I looked up Seresto collars and it has mostly bad reviews ,people said their dogs were getting seizures after wearing the collars . Bayer made the collars and for personal reasons I try to not use them.
Thanks for the suggestion hazel .

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