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Any answers here?

I'm reading this and finding it to be the closest to what my dog is experiencing and wondering if you found out any answers?

1 yr ago/first week in June, I was riding the bike so my newly adopted 9 mo old Gmn Shepherd mix could get some excercise. It was in the evening so it was cool out but suddenly he stopped immediately, layed down, & wouldn't get up. He had his tail between his legs & was totally freaked out; he kept looking behind him. We got home, no limping or anything, just totally freaked out & didn't want to move. Once he got inside he ran with his tail betw his legs to the family rm & backed up against the couch and stayed there. If he moved it would only be to run to his cage. We thought he lost it & the next day took him to the emergency vet. Nothing ended up being wrong with him physically although they & our regular vet suggested hip displasia. After less than a week, it went away. Now it is happening again; he's been to the vet twice, xrayed, blood tests, etc. Nothing is wrong; nothing hurts him. Just when he goes outside, if we can get him to, he jumps w/ his tail betw his legs & runs back inside. The X-rays ruled out hip displasia - hips look good. Knees are tight. Vet pressed hard on his back, reaction. Checked his anal area, one gland seemed a bit large, but nothing was infected. Checked his paws, bug bites either. Did a blood test & urinalysis. Urinalysis came back w/ some blood in the urine and bacteria, so we have him on antibiotics. His temperature also was at 103, but he's literally been inside this whole time b/c he won't go outside so we don't think he got too hot. We're stumped. Is it possibly a slight pinched nerve?
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