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csm...I am so glad you took your Rottie to the vet and it's "only" arthritis. Not fun for the poor dog, but certainly easier all around than some weird neurological problem.

And Lucky is right on. You really should not take offense. If you read throgh all the posts on the vet forum you'll see that
the majority of people come on & describe something that sounds:

a: Terribly serious with a dog in terrible pain, or dying.
b: Something that cannot POSSIBLY be diagnosed over the internet, even by a veterinarian,
c: Both of the above.

So of course the logical answer is - PLEASE TAKE YOUR DOG TO THE VET BECAUSE NOBODY HERE CAN HELP YOU. And usually the answer is something along the lines of I cannot afford it. And so we're like, well, then your dog is either going to remain in terrible pain, and/or die if this animal does not get to a vet ASAP and what do you expect from some non-vet strangers on the internet??

And then we hear either that the animal has died, or we never hear from the poster again which probably means the animal died. So you can understand why us regulars get impatient and rude with the "I can't afford it" responses because what are we supposed to do??

Anyhow a longwinded way of saying rudeness is actually out of compassion for the pet (and frustration!) And is you want to come back & post/read on this board you are surely welcome. Plus I need some more Rottie owners here to keep me company.
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