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I'll try to get some pics tomorrow if I can. No babies from last year to worry about but the babies from the year before are doing very well now and are I would guess around 8 - 10" long, so while they are smaller than their parents, they are a good size. Any babies that hatch this year will be sure to make it as there are no longer any fish small enough to get at them in the nooks and crannies.
I'm going to set up the show tank in another few weeks or so and move all the fish in there while I drain down the pond down to wading level and haul up the lily pots so I should be able to get some good pics of all the fish and measure all of them and give them a good look over to see how each one is doing. I want to get that done before the first couple weeks in April as the fish tend to spawn in April and the lilies start growing very quickly.

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