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Originally Posted by Chocomama View Post
Okay, so, let me clear up what all these ingreds are about - I am a vet tech and have some info to clear up.

Fish meal - unspecified, because it is a mix of white fish- "meal" means it is the main part of the fish - the good part (by-product is the left over).

Brewer's rice - it is actual rice that has not been over processed into the pretty little kernels humans eats, so, actually, it is better than what we eat.

Chicken Liver is GREAT for an extra iron boost for dogs especially, who, in the wild eat a raw diet - Chicken liver is essential for good health

Tomato Pomace is a vitamin ingredient. It provided vitamin D and C for the animal. It is actutally really good for them. It is good for solid stool health for a dog and cat.

Menadione sodium bisulfite complex - was tested in 1070 on HUMANS and a very SMALL part of the tested were diagnosed with leukemia.

So, hopefully, I have not upset anyone- this is just what I have learned from my studies - so, by no means does everyone have to agree, but, I thought I should clear it up.

Just wondering who teaches your pet nutrition course?
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