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Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
I've been reading lots about what is appropriate for cats, so finding a wet food choice may be difficult since we humans tend to attribute our needs to cats - such as fruits, veggies and other stuff we like and is healthy for us, but not necessary for cats who are obligatory meat eaters.
Ya, that's definitely the case with many pet foods. I know that some of them, like Wellness or Nature's Variety, don't really contain that much of the fruits and veggies because the "as fed" nutritional analysis shows the total carbohydrate content to be quite low.

Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
So far, a raw meat diet looks like the best option but I don't think I could switch them just like that. Besides, I need to find somewhere that offers it and see if Ford and Scarlet like it. Baby steps.
Baby steps are good. Do you ever offer them pieces of fresh meat, say some lightly cooked chicken breast? That would be a good way to start gradually introducing them to raw, if you haven't already tried it.

There is a fantastic premade raw food that's made right in Vancouver from a company called Red Dog Deli. The chicken and turkey are complete (includes ground bone) but the venison and buffalo need additional calcium if they're to be used for more than intermittent/supplemental feeding.

Originally Posted by Aniroc View Post
Still waiting for the lab results on the blood, and i'm going to get the no-absorb litter this evening.
That No Sorb stuff is pretty pricey, and they only give you a miniscule amount. You could use clean aquarium gravel instead, if you prefer. I usually just stalk my cat with a shallow jar lid (a ladle or spoon also works) and slide it under his butt after he's started peeing. That wouldn't work so well if you have a shy "pee-er", though.
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