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My 4 year old American Eskimo has never blown his coat in the true sense of the word (I have researched this on the specific Eskie board and have seen the bags of Eskie fur and the nearly naked dogs after a blow). Sure we have the normal tumbleweeds and all of my black clothes look like tweed, but other than that - zip. As a result of this, I do have to get him groomed more than I normally would (I am not someone good with dog grooming tools - heck I can't even use a hair dryer on myself properly) - and with the claws of death - and being a white dog who loves mud, in he goes. The groomer always has to get out a lot of mats - actually mats that I can't even see or feel. I do my best around his ears and he does love to be combed by me (my husband brushes too hard), but even then the "underneath" mats sure build up. I would just keep his exposure to heat to a minimum - my guy loves tile floors - and while he LOVES water, he isn't getting a little pool because I would have one constantly wet dog. I hate walking by someone with a hose as he wants to be "hosed".
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