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Hasn't blown coat to help with heat?

What a messed up year this has been weather wise, it was snowing up here two weeks ago and now it is so hot and humid.

Now Zoe (elkhound/chow mix) hasn't had her normal seasonal blowning of the coat and she is so so hot. She is absolutely miserable and really doesn't want to do much. Even on our daily walks she wants to come home early and try and find a cool place to lay. This is the first year she hasn't had a "spring blow", normally by now she has her nice summer coat and I would still be combating the lingering hair bunnies, but she is still a big puff ball of hair....and oh so cranky.

She is still eating and drinking.....but she paces all night looking for cool spots to lay and during the day she is a blob(and a miserable one at that). I try to keep her outside at night as long as I can........have to keep an eagle eye out for the skunks....but I can't stay up all night and there is no way I am leaving her outside unattended all night long.

She is not a water dog......I have a kiddie pool but she only puts her feet in for a few seconds and then she is done. Is there anything else I can be doing until her body finally figures out that it is time to shed the winter coat?
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