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How long ago did you get your dog? Its just I got Tazz from a rescue centre nearly a year ago now and he had also missed out on puppy play and socialisation. Luckily he was really interested to meet other dogs and that wasnt a problem but he was just not interested in toys or playing with me, he used to sit in front of the fire all day looking sorry for himself! It has taken a long time and i didnt get him to play with anything until he trusted me. My vet said i could try pushing at his shoulders as this is how dogs get each other to play. You must be careful not to be too dominent and scare him, but it really helped tazz and he then started taking toys from my hand when i had got him excited. Then i got him chasing thing by running alongside him with them in my hand (must have looked funny to the neighbours!) and eventually, since kasha came along, he plays with the toys and takes them from her! Now he plays just like any other dog, he's still prefers interacting with other dogs (one of the reasons i got kasha). Little kasha, i have had since she was 8 weeks old and she is more interested in toys than dogs, probably because she has always been to training and had me distracting her from the other puppies with toys!

let me know if it works!
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