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Thanks Hazel, unfortunately my relief was short lived. Billy never stopped bleeding and was taken to emerg vet @ 9pm Friday night. He had bled through 3 large bandages by then something was def wrong.

They stitched up the wound and said to return in the am to have the stitches removed so the wound could drain. He bled through the bandaging by the time he got home @ 1am and I spent the night changing the blood soaked bandaging. He was back @ our own vet by 8 am Saturday morning and our vet Kathy came in to take care of him.

They thought his blood was not clotting so they cut the inside of his mouth and it clotted so he was then taken into surgery. The lipoma had changed from the fat it used to be and had an abnormal artery and mass inside. The artery had been nicked when she lanced the infection and that's why he continued to bleed. The mass was removed and sent for pathology and Billy is now on the mend. I will always closely monitor the other lipomas for changes now and not take it for granted they are harmless. What an ordeal this has been. Feeling very grateful right now.

Here's a picture of our scarred boy as he fights the residual anesthetic and falls asleep while sitting up. Too funny ....... Nice to be laughing again!
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