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If you are relying on equipment to make your dog not pull then your dog is not really being trained. A dog should be taught to walk nice no matter what equipment it has on.
I agree with this. And unfortunatley, I think you've been missing the point I've been trying to make...
I won't put your traditional harness on a puppy as I believe that when they are so young and impressionable, these types of harness can hinder progress. I agree that a dog should be able to walk no matter what, but I'm not going to confuse matters by using a tool that has been proven to encourage or inhibit pulling by many different types of breeds and dogs. This is not something I'm just saying, or making up, but there is a lot of information out there against this type of harness, you can't ignore it.
This was from the Ontario SPCA website regarding these traditional harnesses I'm referring to:
Flat harnesses
Flat harnesses fit around the chest of your dog, with the leash attachment usually at the spine. They are sometimes used for small delicate dogs instead of attaching the leash to a collar, and are often used for dogs pulling loads (sleds, carts). This tool tends to encourage pulling.
That's all I am saying here, and I thought it was a very important point to share with the OP in this situation.

Relying on a collar and saying that the dog will pull if in a harness does not sound like training imo...
I don't think anyone should rely on a collar, which again, was never my point. I did say that I would rather see a puppy go off-leash for the first few weeks of it's life, compared to someone putting a harness on a puppy because they have been told or believe that it is 'safer'.

I'm glad that you have found something that works for you luvmylabs, and I'm looking forward to hearing what the OP has also found to work for their two puppies.

doesn't matter how many links you have to show that others have that same opinion
To me it does matter. As a trainer I want to have as much information provided to me on a certain subject if I have been doing things differently - for the benefit of my clients and their dogs. If you have something to share with me concerning this situation it would be appreciated, but that's all I was getting at.
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