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Originally Posted by Bailey_ View Post
I don't want to get off topic here, but I just wanted to clear up something you've said. Harnesses absolutley DO encourage pulling - especially from working breeds.
Not necessarily true, that is too broad of a blanket statement. There are many different styles of harnesses designed for a wide variety of purposes. Sledding, carting, tracking, safety/seat belt type harnesses, skijoring, and no-pull harnesses specially designed to decrease pulling.

My own dogs are sled dogs so I do want them to pull and they know that when they wear their harnesses it means work, but when walking on leash with just the collar to not pull. However, a friend of mine was having a heck of a time with her dog (not a sled dog btw) pulling so much with her collar that she was constantly choking herself. A no-pull harness works great on that dog, which no kidding was pulling so much in the collar that I'm surprised she didn't injure herself.

Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post. Regarding multiple dogs and collars, be careful! When we had the danes we had a scary incident where the dogs became entangled in each others collars while wrestling. They were both wearing properly fitted martingale collars, the flat nylon type with the chain section. One dog got her lower jaw under the other dogs collar and then one of them must have turned or twisted so that his collar was wrapped in a twist tight around her jaw and stuck behind her canine teeth. She got scared and it probably hurt and she was screaming, he was being choked, it was awful. All I can say is it's lucky we were home at the time and we were able to basically sit on the dogs (huge dogs) and cut the collar off him. After that I have never left a collar on my dogs for any reason. I only put them on if we're going out somewhere on leash where they need it. With multiple dogs that are always wrestling and rough housing it's too big of a risk to me to leave collars on.
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