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Originally Posted by lUvMyLaB<3 View Post
I am sorry maybe you missunderstood. In her post she said that when she took them for a walk she was discouraged with the results. What I am saying is that no, they are not going to learn in just a few walks.. It will take time, as with potty training. I disagree with you, because what I said is correct. potty training, and leash training will take more than a day.

And I do not agree with you that a 7 week old puppy should have a collar right away. No a harness does not encourage pulling. There are many breeds that should not wear collars and that does not mean you have to live with pulling. At 7 weeks, they will be pulling, and being pulled, and I don't think a collar is the best choice. That is my opinion, you have yours. Does not make mine wrong, but thanks.
I absolutley agree with you - leash training DOES take more than just a day. But puppies are incredibly smart and learn quickly - that's all I'm saying. With each walk, and lots of encouragement for the puppies during these sessions, the OP should be able to see results as they grow; and hopefully some of the above suggestions from everyone will help.

I don't want to get off topic here, but I just wanted to clear up something you've said. Harnesses absolutley DO encourage pulling - especially from working breeds. You can read more about it here: This is because the dog has a natural instinct known as 'opposition reflex', and when the traditional harness that you buy in your average petstore is put on your dog - they will lean into it.
I never reccomend anyone putting a harness on a puppy (unless you want your dog pulling sleds, etc), though it's a common conception in society today. From 8 weeks I will put a safe martingale training collar (fit to size) on any of my pups. This does not mean to say I think that everyone should start their puppy off wearing a collar at 8 weeks, but I would rather see a puppy go off-leash than with a harness on.

I'm curious as to what dog breeds you are referring to when you said they can't wear collars? I don't think I've heard this before...
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